• We've kept maintenance simple.
    The SiltPrison treatment system does not require any special equipment outside the industry standard vactor trucks! Click the button below to learn more about the ease of maintenance!
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  • Optimized Catch Basins for Treatment
    SiltPrison systems are a new take on existing precast stormwater collection structures. Our catch basins are manufactured with filtration membranes designed for treatment of fine sediment and phosphorus.
  • Seeking Solutions
    The SiltPrison is a stormwater quality unit that provides new solutions to the evolving needs and regulations in civil site design.
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Schedule a Lunch and Learn: By seeking out Specifiers, Peer Reviewers, and Town Engineers a like we hope to join the conversation of effective modes of stormwater treatment.

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Verification Testing

Verification Testing

The SiltPrison has undergone testing and review at Alden Laboratories and by the Massachusetts BMP Clearinghouse, MASTEP. The SiltPrison’s treatment mechanism of filtration and settling were evaluated and tested at Alden for three different performance characteristics: re-entrainment, hydraulic characteristics, and sediment removal efficiency. Among the findings were very high flow rates,  a 62.6% sediment removal rating using newer 1-1000 PSD testing, and impressive performance of the SiltPrison to prevent re-entrainment and washout.